The Belarusian Forest Newspaper has been published since 1994. It comes out on 16 strips of A-3 format, and twice a month - on 24 full-color bands. The circulation of the newspaper is more than 28 thousand copies. It is the only periodical weekly in the republic working on the whole problem of forestry and woodworking complexes in Belarus.  


According to the results of the National Contest of Print Media "Golden Literature", the "Belarusian Forest Newspaper" twice was among the top three industry publications: based on the results of work in 2013 and 2014.



In 2015, the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating officially notified that following the results of work in 2014, BFN in the total nomination "Publishing of newspapers" was included in the top 30 enterprises - the leaders of the Republic of Belarus, taking the honorable 9th place (718 newspapers registered in Belarus on the first September 2015).



Among the permanent subscribers of the "Belarusian Forest Newspaper" all enterprises and institutions of the Ministry of Forestry of the country, timber industry, woodworking production, trade and procurement organizations, furniture factories and other enterprises of various forms of ownership. 

Although the official founder of the "Belarusian Forest Newspaper" is the above-mentioned ministry, the Belorussian production and trade concern of the wood, woodworking and pulp and paper industry Bellesbumprom constantly play a significant role in its publications..


The editorial board cooperates with such organizations as:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  • The Committee on the Problems of the Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster
  • Committee for Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
  • National Parks under the Presidential Administration
  • Profile institutes of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Permanent UN Office in the Republic of Belarus
  • Environmental organizations

The “Belarusian Forest Newspaper” actively covers the activities of foreign companies and joint ventures operating in the country's market, provides advertising and information support for the supply of equipment and components for forest management, logging, woodworking and furniture production, metalworking and construction with partners from Germany, Italy, Poland and Russia, is a participant in domestic and international exhibitions.

On the pages of "BFN" there are always special collections and thematic bands devoted to the development of hunting and fishing in the republic. The press clubs "Hunting Horn", "Poklevka" are very popular among readers. In addition to broad propaganda of these types of recreation, a significant place is given to the description of the market of equipment, weapons and gear, as well as proposals for fishing and hunting tourism and services.


In the long term, the permanent presence and expansion of the possibilities of the “Belarusian Forest Newspaper” in the promotion of equipment and materials supplied to the republic, demonstration of their capabilities and economic efficiency.